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Toddlers Room

Welcome to the toddlers room – this is for children aged two years to approximately three years.

Children and staff

The Toddler Room consists of 15 children and 4 staff.

The Early Years Learning Framework and the philosophy of Reggio Emilia guides our program, rather than Emergent Curriculum. Some of the features of our program are:

  • Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program, and
  • The program has an emphasis on play-based learning and collaborative programming style.

We use a  system where 1 staff cares specifically for a group of 4 children. These small groups occur at the routine times eg mealtimes, toileting, sleeping , as well as small group experiences such as stories, music etc throughout the day to support the children’s belonging.


The Totom House Toddler’s program is based on the Early Years learning framework. This incorporates the Children’s strengths, interests and abilities, which extends their individual development using a variety of challenging and exciting experiences with a Multi-cultural focus.

Family involvement is welcomed.
Sibling interaction is encouraged between rooms at any time.


The Children enjoy painting, craft, singing, reading and activites that develop their fine motor skills, as well as a structured music program presented .
Children are observed and each area of development is planned for.

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