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Preschool Room

Welcome to the Preschool room –
This is for children aged three years to approximately five years.

Number of places

The preschool room has a total of 22 children age 3- 5years


The preschool room is run by a preschool teacher (Bachelor of Education), a full time assistant and three part time staff members who have many years of experience and a certificate III in children’s Services.

Preschool staffing: one teacher and 2 assistant educators, ratio  between 1:9 and 1:11 (depending on attendance)


The Early Years Learning Framework and the philosophy of Reggio Emilia guides our program, rather than Emergent Curriculum.

Some of the features of our program are:

  • Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program; and
  • The program has an emphasis on play-based learning and collaborative programming style.

The program in the preschool room:

  • encourages individual growth
  • promotes investigation
  • allow for exploration, imagination and creative play

Our program involves an emergent curriculum, and focuses on developing the children for their first year at preschool and school.

The program incorporates:

  • Language Art/craft
  • Mathematics Science
  • Health Social Studies
  • Technology Studies

The program also incorporates Meal Times, Rest Time and Outdoor Play Times. The timetable is quite flexible, allowing for the needs of the children to be met.

The group is regularly divided into small groups to provide more age specific activities and focused learning times.

Our experience confirms that Children need freedom…
To investigate, to try, to make mistakes and correct their mistakes.
To choose where and with whom they want to explore their curiosity, intelligence and emotions.
To understand the countless resources of their hands, their ears, their eyes, of shapes, materials, colours and sounds.
To realize how their actions can shake the world.

Incursions / excursions

A few times a year the centre welcomes visiting musical/puppets/magician/hatching chicks/farm animals to educate and entertain the children. Likewise, the children may participate in excursions to the Science festival, The Art Gallery, Questacom, etc. All incursions/excursions will not be held in isolation but will be an integral part of the children’s program with related preceding and follow-up experiences.

Parents’ involvement

Parents involvement helps to build a continuity between home and the centre. When parents and staff work together, children experience a feeling of security, knowing that the important adults in their lives are working together. Our doors are always open to those who wish to spend some time with their children. Alternatively, there are many other ways the family can become involved e.g. fundraising, sharing talents, saving recycle items, or participating as a member of the committee.

Special activities

The centre participates in multicultural celebrations, community events, celebration of birthdays and organizes special visitors. We also run music classes and the children also participate in yoga exercises through “The Yoga Garden” program.

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