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Babies Room

Welcome to the Babies room – this is for children aged six weeks to approximately 2 years.

Number of places

The Babies Room has spaces for up to 15 babies.


We have one Room Leader and four assistants all of whom have a Certificate iii or are working towards this qualification.


We try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in our Babies Room.

We ensure that each child feels comfortable, safe and loved, by attending to their individual needs through the use of a Primary Caregiver System which helps children form bonds with their carers.

Babies stay in our room until they are approximately 2 years old then they gradually move into the Toddlers Room. Transition visits usually occur during December and January in preparation for their new room.

The babies sleep in the same cot each time (linen provided), with older children sleeping on mattresses in the sleep room. This prepares them for Toddlers Room.

Babies Room Routine

The routine in the Babies Room is flexible and we meet each individual child’s needs. We have a folder with all the routines which can be updated by parents from time to time as and when they change.

If there is anything that parents might feel is confidential information you are more than welcome to talk to a senior staff and/or the room leader.

Basic routine:

7.45 am   Babies arrive

8.00am onwards  Indoor/Outdoor play

9.00am  Morning Tea

9.30am  Nappy change

10am  Indoor/Outdoor play

11am  Lunch

11.30am  Nappy change

12pm  Sleep

1.45pm  Nappy change

2.15pm  Afternoon tea

2.45pm-4.15pm  Indoor/Outdoor play

4pm Nappy change

4.20pm Late snack

6pm   Centre closes

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