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Helpful tips for daycare lunches


With my husband recently being posted to Afghanistan for six months and being a full time working mum, one of the biggest challenges I find is finding quick options for putting together nutritious and healthy lunches for 17 month old Elizabeth that offer variety. Here are some of my suggestions in saving time:

  1. Make sandwiches ahead of time when the bread is really fresh and freeze them for the coming week. Fillings suitable for freezing and for the centre include cheese, chicken & corn relish, tuna & mayo, as well as the tried & tested vegemite, cheese spread, fish paste and jam (although Elizabeth just licks the jam off the bread J ).  For real time saver you can also buy small tins of pre-mixed tuna & mayo sandwich fillings in the tinned fish section of your supermarket, although theses are more expensive than making your own.
  2. When making shepherds/cottage pie I make extra and put them in muffin/cupcake pans and freeze. These are the perfect size and in the morning I just grab one out of the freezer.
  3. Rice salad in a small bowl with sultanas and either chicken or tuna added is a favourite as kids love to pull out the sultanas
    (grandma’s rice salad recipe is on the website)
  4. Mini pizzas can also be made ahead and frozen. You can also use ½ English muffin as the pizza base. Recipe is on the website.

I always throw in some vegetables as well (cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber or capsicum areElizabeth’s latest favourites).

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