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FEES AS AT Feb 2016 (please check the office to confirm fees on enquiry)

Our daily rate is $95

Full time care $435 per week (or fortnightly $870).

Fees are payable via our automated direct debit system only. Our direct debit system is the Ezidebit system which automatically deducts child care fees from your account every fortnight. Ezidebit is fully sponsored with Westpac.

It is currently the policy that we review staff wages (our largest expense) at least twice a year to ensure that we are providing competitive above award wages to attract and retain quality staff in the centre. The February 2016 increase is due to a wage increase to child care workers which took effect from 1 July 2015, but the Centre was able to absorb this wage increase until now. (Staff wages are the greatest expense for the Centre’s operational costs). As well as the usual pressure from wages, we are also facing increased costs to ensure that we meet the training and reporting requirements under the National Quality Framework.

Please note that our centre’s fees are still under last years medium child care costs for Canberra of $465 per week (as at January 2015).
Also of note is the general trend in rising of child care fees nationally, which has seen a 150% increase in fees during the past decade.

Totom house operates on a very small budget so many things can impact our ability to operate effectively including late payments. The direct debit system will benefit Totom as it will reduce the time and money we spend on account administration and chasing late payments as well as regulating our cash flow. It will also benefit families as it is a secure ‘set and forget’ payment system so any future adjustments will automatically occur. Under the current arrangement most families are a fortnight ahead with their payments, however with the Ezidebit system it withdraws one week of actual fees and one week of anticipated fees, so families are only ‘in credit’ by one week, effectively returning a week of fees to you. It will also save you bank fees on your current regular payments and remove any awkward late payment conversations as payments are collected fortnightly.

There is a small transactional fee for using the direct debit system that Totom House will cover. However you do have the option of having fees withdrawn from a credit card, but this will incur an additional merchant fee (1.87% for Visa/MasterCard or 4.4% for Amex/Diners card)
Payment amounts can be tailored to each individual to allow for reduced fees subsidised by your CCB and CCR family payments paid directly to the Centre. Your account deduction (and statement) will represent this reduced/subsidised amount.
More information can be found at the FAQ section on the Ezidebit website or by contacting Joe or Sally on 6242 5004 for more information.
Our thanks and appreciation for supporting us to improve the operation of our Centre.
Totom House Committee

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